Environmental Policy

Danube Industries is an IT hardware leader specializing in manufacturing and selling electronics and computer peripherals. We are committed to protecting the environment by implementing environmental policies and procedures that reduce our environmental impact. Our environmental policy is focused on reducing the consumption of resources and energy, minimizing waste, and striving for continuous improvement in our environmental performance. We strive to ensure that our products meet the highest standards of environmental safety and sustainability. We are continuously investing in research and development to reduce our carbon footprint and improve the efficiency of our products. We are also committed to educating our customers and employees on the importance of protecting the environment.

  1. The entire production process will be conducted in accordance with the highest standards of environmental stewardship and sustainability.

  2. Our products will be made with eco-friendly and energy-efficient materials and components to reduce their environmental impact.

  3. By minimizing waste and emissions, we will use environmentally sound manufacturing methods.

  4. With the use of renewable energy sources and other energy-efficient measures, we are committed to reducing our carbon footprint.

  5. As part of our commitment to responsible disposal, we promote the responsible disposal of our products and parts after their useful lives.

  6. In order to meet our environmental stewardship and sustainability goals, we will use components and materials sourced from suppliers who are equally committed.

  7. Using environmental laws and regulations to minimize our environmental impact is our top priority.

  8. We will strive to continuously improve our environmental performance by setting and achieving environmental goals and objectives.

  9. Employees will be encouraged to be world-class environmental stewards through education and awareness programs.

Continuous improvement is what we will strive for